Cinnamon & Walnut French Toast Bake with Fresh Berries

cinnamon roll bakeCinnamon & Walnut French Toast Bake with Fresh Berries

Acknowledging the fact that I’m not the world’s greatest baker, I tried this amazing breakfast dish I ran across.  I love French toast and I love cinnamon buns.  What I stumbled upon was a variation of a variation of a variation of the original recipe which was created by Pillsbury (found HERE).  I changed mine up a bit from the original.  The original recipe calls for 6 eggs.  I used 4.  I really didn’t want a very eggy French toast.  By reducing the eggs, I also reduced the amount of cream.  You can play with it until you find your happy preference.
Leave a comment if you change it up.  I would love to see other variations of this.  For a play on the whole salty/sweet thing, a little crumbled sausage would be good, too.


2 Cans Pillsbury Refrigerated Cinnamon Buns (store brand is fine)
1/4 Cup Melted Butter
4 Eggs
1/4 Cup plus 1 Tbsp Heavy Cream (may substitute half & half)
1 Tsp Pure Vanilla
1 Tsp Cinnamon
1 Cup Chopped Nuts (Pecans or Walnuts preferred)
Syrup for drizzling
Powdered/Confectioner Sugar for dusting
Whipped Cream (optional)


Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Pour melted butter into 9×13 glass or casserole dish.  Separate buns into 16 rolls and cut each roll into 8ths.  Spread evenly into dish.  Beat eggs.  Add cream, cinnamon and vanilla and beat until thoroughly incorporated.  Pour over roll pieces.  Sprinkle with pecans or walnuts.  Drizzle with syrup if you like.  Bake for 25-28 minutes.  Let cool 10-15 minutes.







While cooling.  Heat up icing in microwave so that it’s thin enough to drizzle, about 10 seconds at 50%.  Drizzle on plate.  Cut square of French toast and place on top of icing.  Drizzle with more syrup, dust with powdered sugar and a dollop of whipped cream.  Serve fresh berry medley alongside.


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