Homemade (No Ice Cream Maker) Almond Chocolate Mint Ice Cream

Okay, so I’ve seen a gazillion recipes for freezer ice cream.  Some require a machine to churn, some don’t.  Some require rock salt, some don’t.  I ran across this recipe, and honestly don’t remember where, but after Googling it in order to give props to some genius out there, I quickly realized that it’s pretty common.  I just had to give it a whirl.  And guess what, it’s AMAZING!  3 basic ingredients and you’re done!  Not necessarily cheaper than the grocery store, but less mystery ingredients . . .

Play around with different concoctions!  If you come up with something crazy good, please leave a comment and share it with the rest of us.


2 cups heavy cream
1 14 oz can (fat free) sweetened condensed milk
1 tsp almond extract
Fresh chocolate mint leaves


Beat cream, condensed milk and extract until stiff peaks form.
Transfer to metal loaf pan
Freeze for at least 8 hours.  Keep up to 2 weeks.

Serve with fresh chocolate mint leaf garnish.



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