Trader Joe’s Columbia Grand Opening!

20130322_111415_resizedTrader Joe’s Columbia


Okay, so the long awaited Trader Joe’s Grand Opening finally …. finally…. finally came to fruition today, March 22, 2013!

Honestly, you would have thought the Pope had come to town.  There were police directing traffic and parking along Forest Drive.  Seriously?

20130322_111415_resized 20130322_111351

After parking a city block away (illegally, I might add), we entered the new, long-awaited Trader Joe’s.  Might I remind you, we recently underwent the opening of a Whole Foods in Columbia.  Foodies are doing their happy dance!!!!

So upon entering the establishment, I, without hesitation, grab the nearest buggy.  My dear friend grabs a basket – what?  Do you really think that you can leave Trader Joe’s satisfied with filling a basket as opposed to a buggy?  I think not, my friend.
(LOL – wink wink, smiley face, heart sign)!

I must say, the parking lot and the “crowd” inside, were not what I would call in sync.  However, it was quite a crowd.  (See pic attached).

20130322_113439_resized 20130322_113458_resized 20130322_113450_resized

We spent about an hour or better perusing aisles and the perimeter of the store.  I personally found must-have items in each section of the establishment.

My culinary wheels spinning out of control the entire time.  Oooh, shaved brussel sprouts?  What?  I’m thinking a little saute with pancetta.  Look, ginormous portobella caps.  Quinoa … My mind is spinning.  Stumble upon beautiful Angus Filet Mignon.  OMG $16.99/lb.  What?  Are you kidding me?  Must have.

So, of course, go for the must-haves!  Edamame Hummus.  OOOOH yum.  The specialty and taste-tester – Kale and Spinach Greek Yogurt Dip w/ Pita chips.  Can I just say —- SOLD!  Glad I got a buggy, not a basket.  The Toscano Cheese in Black Pepper.  Yikes!  Bring it!

I could go on and on and on!  Awesome deals!  Specialty, specialty, specialty items!  So glad you’re here, Trader Joe’s.  Worth the trek from Lexington!


Top off your trip with a fresh bouquet!  Nothing makes you feel better than fresh flowers!


Some of my personal favorites:

Cocobon wine!  Super super yummy.  Pairs nicely with the chocolate covered edamame!

The Edamame Hummus is a must have.

The quinoa and black bean tortilla chips.  OMG can I say OMG!

Quickly, get in your car, drive to Forest Drive!  NOW!  What are you waiting for?


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