Oktoberfest Lager Stew (Pinned it, Made it, Rated it)

Tasteful Dishing Rating:  4/5 stars!

With it being October and it finally beginning to chill off (I live in South Carolina and it’s been unseasonably warm this year), I was in the mood for some belly-warming yummi-ness.  I came across this recipe and decided it would be perfect considering I’ve been on my Oktoberfest kick (the numerous varieties of beer in my fridge are a testament to that fact.)

First things first, I PINNED it.

I then MADE it. I followed this recipe to the “T” — Well, one exception – I did use a lager beer but did not have an Oktoberfest variety on hand (my fridge was full of ales and wheats), and it was Sunday.  So I had to settle for a regular Grolsch (thanks Hal!)

To RATE it:  All in all, the stew was tasty.  I don’t know how much difference in flavor the Oktoberfest lager would have made.  The coloring would have probably been a little more on the darker side.  Mine came out a little thinner than stew consistency.   I would definitely make this again, trying it with an actual darker lager and perhaps reducing the stock by a half cup or so.

Should you try it, please leave a comment and let me know how yours comes out!

For the original recipe, click here .


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